Custom Glass Indoor Fountain

 This is an indoor fountain sculpted from glass. It measures 44" wide by  25" tall and is 3" thick. The water travels up the main body of the  fountain to trickle over the full front and back surfaces. 

Photoresist Demonstration

Learn about sandblast etching with photoresist film.

Carved Edge Treatment

John demonstrates "Rough Cut" and "Hammered Edge" treatments on heavy plate glass.

Grinding Wheel Demonstration

John demonstrates the diamond grinding wheel

(lap wheel).

Liquid Resist Demonstrated

John demonstrates several liquid resist techniques

that can be used creatively.

Glass Carving Demonstration

John demonstrates the effectiveness of sandblasting

to carved and sculpt glass.

Restoration of Old RCA VICTOR 9K3 Radio

Brace yourself....this is not a glass project! 

However, it is one of the most fun restoration projects I have ever done.

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did working on it.

Shop Tour and UV Glue Demonstration

Here I get to show off my humble little art glass studio.

I then follow with a demonstration of the effectiveness of uv cured adhesive.