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A woman in a white shirt and gray trousers sitting beside a sculpture, holding a small object to her ear.

Jovana Morrison, a dedicated sculptor and metal enthusiast, crafts pieces that transcend conventional boundaries. Infused with a deep appreciation for avant-garde fashion and a love for the fantastical, her designs invite you into an imaginative world without limits. Jovana's artistic journey commenced in Lima, Peru, her native country; where she immersed herself in the visual arts, specializing in lithography. Early on, her passion for fashion and an exploration of high fashion intricacies marked her created path.

A serendipitous twist redirected her from upcycled fashion to the captivating realms of jewelry and sculpture, revealing her true artistic calling. Self-taught in the realms of jewelry and glass art, Jovana's exploration knows no bounds. She delights in transforming metal and recycled materials, consistently pushing the boundaries of mixed media. Captivated by the aesthetics of modern, minimalist, and complex architecture, her creations seamlessly blend the soft and ethereal with strong and coarse, feminine with masculine, and shiny with heavy texture always in pursuit of the delightfully different.


The Study of Voluminous shapes, organic textures, and dynamic proportions is distinctively present across her jewelry practice, adding an extra layer of depth to her creations. Each piece is a meticulously crafted invitation, encouraging exploration and discovery. Turning a Jovana Morrison creation in your hands becomes a dynamic experience, akin to contemplating a piece of sculpture. Uncover hidden details, let the form reveal its secrets, and join Jovana on a whimsical journey where artistry and surprise converge. Each creation is a testament to her perpetual quest to captivate and delight, pushingthe boundaries of what is possible in wearable art.

A collage of artistic elements including a white floral decoration, geometric paper folds, and a black and white illustration of a plant.

Architectural Modernist Vision, Inspired by Japanese Art and Fashion, Victorian Grandeur, and Expressionist Flourish. In a Monochromatic Palette of Whites and Grays, Each Piece Captures the Essence of Asymmetry, Floating Suspended in a Glass Landscape. The Art of Slumping Glass Transcends Traditional Boundaries, Creating Edifices of Timeless Beauty. Our Bespoke Creations Evoke the Sublime, Drawing from Architectural Precision to Craft a Visionary Tapestry of Translucency and Form."

A collage of three images showing a gloved hand handling a film strip, a crystal sculpture of a bird, and a sequence of black and white piano keys.


Jovana Morrison's necklaces redefine elegance by combinining hand carved chunks of glass next to polished metal, creating a stunning interplay of materials. These wearable sculptures showcase her mastery in creating depth through clear plastic layers. The necklaces showcase a fusion of modern aesthetics, offering a dynamic and captivating adornment that captivates the eye.


Elevate your style with our unique collection of ties, where black glass meets brass in a harmonious blend. Crafted with precision, these hinged ties defy rigidity, offering a flexible and comfortable fit. Explore the artistry of circles and hexagons, adorned with vibrant colors and high-relief details, all set against a backdrop of luxurious white leather. Redefine sophistication with ties that seamlessly fuse innovation and timeless elegance.


Explore pendants that embody Jovana's love for mixing organic and shiny elements. Enjoy the depth created in layers of clear plastic, resembling intricate light features. The artful use of asymmetry and twists in design adds an element of surprise to each pendant, making it a distinctive piece of artistic expression.

Chest Plates

Inspired by Roman armor, my leather chest plates blend strength and elegance, echoing ancient warriors' craftsmanship. Crafted from supple leather, each piece features intricate hand-painted designs, transforming them into wearable masterpieces. Marrying practicality with artistic expression, these chest plates contour gracefully to the body, creating a visual symphony that speaks of strength, resilience, and artistic prowess. Like Jovana Morrison's necklaces, my designs redefine elegance, showcasing a harmonious interplay of material and design, bridging ancient inspiration with modern aesthetics. Each chest plate becomes a living testament to the wearer's strength and individuality.

Woman in a stylish dress with red and black accents posing by a metal gate.
Woman posing in a black dress with a colorful neckline design, leaning against a metal gate.


Discover bracelets that seamlessly blend organic and geometrical glass forms with shiny metals or juxtapose smooth, highly polished glass next to coarse, heavy textures. Jovana Morrison's geometric and angular designs, whether in glass or metal, create a harmonious symphony of shapes that reassemble architectural structures. Experience the illusion of suspension , akin to floating art, as you explore the bracelets from different angles.


Jovana Morrison's brooches are a testament to her pursuit of the delightfully different. These unique pieces feature glass and metal in intricate, angular shapes, transforming recycled materials into wearable art. Enjoy the play of textures high relief and the artist's craftsmanship, bringing a touch of avant-garde sophistication to your ensemble.


Jovana Morrison's earrings are a testament to her pursuit of the delightfully different. These unique pieces feature glass and metal in intricate, angular shapes, transforming recycled materials into wearable art. Enjoy the play of textures and the artist's craftsmanship, bringing a touch of avant-garde sophistication to your ensemble.


"Elevate your style with our Architectural Reverie Collection: Rings that epitomize the fusion of glass and metal, embodying angular sophistication and geometric allure. Inspired by minimalist principles, each ring features cubes and geometric forms, with multiple cuts in glass creating the mesmerizing illusion of light reflection. The artful technique of slumping glass adds a dynamic touch, and the design is distinctly architecture-inspired, resembling edifices in a glass landscape. These rings play with translucency, suspended in elegance, creating the illusion of floating masterpieces on your fingers."


Avant-garde rings from Jovana Morrison Designs are more than accessories—they are mini sculptures for your fingers. Revel in the juxtaposition of smooth, polished glass against coarse, heavy textures. Experience the artist's love for geometry as each ring surprises and captivates with its unique form. The illusion of suspension and the dynamic play of light add an extra layer of fascination to these wearable pieces of art.

Glass Bags - GlassSculptures

Discover an extraordinary collection that seamlessly weaves together the realms of artistry and meticulous craftsmanship: the glass clutches and sculptures. Each piece in this bespoke collection showcases a captivating duality by intricately blending rugged textures with a pristine high-polish finish, embodying the essence of sophistication. These glass bags transcend conventional boundaries, serving as both functional accessories and aweinspiring sculptures, emitting an aura of refined elegance.

The hallmark of these exquisite creations lies in the interplay of contrasting textures, achieved through the fusion of cold and hot sculpting techniques. Noteworthy are the meticulously crafted, shiny hand-made hardware elements that adorn these glass marvels, adding opulence while seamlessly integrating form and purpose. The sculptural elements come alive through a thoughtful exploration of translucency and opacity, with variations in glass thickness creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. This collection, designed around basic geometrical forms, exudes contemporary minimalism, inviting admirers into a world where each piece is made-to-order, ensuring a unique expression of individual style. Whether utilized as a functional accessory or showcased as a standalone art piece, these hand-crafted glass clutches redefine the conventional boundaries of fashion and artistry, engaging observers in a breathtaking dance of creativity where form and function beautifully coalesce.


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