Glass Sculptures

A glass sculpture of flowers and leaves with light shining through.

Glass sculpture is entirely fascinating on several levels. Number one, glass has the narrowest range of behavior than any other medium I have known as an artist. Developing techniques for shaping and manipulating glass successfully is very challenging. Then add to that, that glass lets light flow through it, which means that you hide nothing. Everything you do shows placing a whole set of demands on the artist that few others have to deal with. But that is what makes it such a rewarding material to work with.

Then there is the shear beauty of it. The quality of the material attracts the senses beyond it’s visible qualities. It’s hardness. It conveys temperature. It has weight. It also has a particular vibration that is perceivable when working it. It speaks to you as you shape it, telling you how it feels about what you are doing to it and with it. And you, as the artist, must listen. You must if you are to garner it’s cooperation.

A glass sculpture of a person with many balls.