An office waiting area with a company logo on a glass partition, decorated with framed photographs on the wall.

One of the mainstays of Cornerstone Glasswork has been glass signs. It is a very popular material in the sign world because of its beauty and clarity. It has also been a favorable material used in donor wall projects across the nation. The signs that we have worked on over the years have ranged from simple etched glass to more involved carved glass designs, all the way to “sculptural” signage that holds nothing back. Some of our signs feature lights built right in. Others require no lighting. Some signage is simply printed on the glass panel. We can assist in the designing of your project or execute your design verbatim. Cornerstone Glasswork has the knowledge and experience to fabricate the signage you need to communicate the significance of the product or service you provide in a beautiful package that can stand the test of time.


A black and white logo of the trinity broadcasting network featuring a shield with a cross, flanked by two lions, and a crown above.

One of the most used techniques is “airbrush etching”. Airbrush etching in not painting. There is no “paint” being applied to the glass. The glass is permanently etched. It cannot come loose, flake or fade. It is a permanent changing of the surface of the glass. John Morrison was an airbrush artist for a dozen years when he discovered etched glass. Therefore, it was only natural that he would transfer his techniques and skills from painting to etching. In fact, John has declared that some of his favorite sign jobs have been simple surface-etched signs that have had great detail in them. A few of these are pictured here.