A paper art installation featuring a blue bird in flight approaching a flower, displayed against a dark background.

Half of all the carved and etched glass we have done for the home has been what I would call functional art. Art pieces that perform some purpose such as table tops, shower enclosures as well as front doors. Also, backsplashes and divider panels separate areas of the house. Other items like fire screens and skylights may add a sense of style via carved and etched glass. Custom mirrors can also go a long way to elevate a bathroom or dressing room. Art glass is a wonderful way to personalize a home. Carved and etched glass may be used to enhance the architecture of your home's structure for a more dramatic impact. The creative impact is unlimited. Whole walls can be altered to deliver very unique environments rarely enjoyed even in the most custom of homes. Talk with John to explore the possibilities.


Modern bathroom with illuminated mirror and glass shower enclosure.

Many modern bathrooms utilize mirrors that have a border etched on the back allowing BACK-LIGHTING. Cornerstone Glassworks extends the customization of these mirrors a giant step further. The pictures below illustrate the possibilities. While you are building a custom mirror to light your make-up area, why not inject your sense of style into the picture.

A bathroom with a window and shower in it

Explore Endless Possibilities

The art of carved and etched glass extends beyond mere fixtures or furnishings; it becomes an integral part of the architectural tapestry of a room or an entire residence. With finely crafted glass and mirror pieces, Cornerstone Glassworks transcends conventional design boundaries, creating stunning glass sculptures that seamlessly blend with their environment.

There are virtually no limits to the ways in which finely carved or sculpted glass and mirrors can be incorporated into interior design, allowing you to bring your vision to life in a way that is both elegant and innovative. For more information about carving design services or to request a unique design, please visit the contact page.