Carved Glass Table tops, Entry ways, Decorative door designs, Shower enclosures, Firescreens, Windows, Mirrors and More.

Interior designers and decorators love carved and etched art glass to elevate and enhance their interior stylings. Many of the applications of carved and etched glass and mirror designs are fairly traditional such as carved glass tables and other unique glass furniture. Custom glass entry ways have no end to the styles and meanings they can create. A custom carved glass entry way can set the tone for all there is to come as your guests approach your home. Often times the glass interior application of carved art glass allows us to get completely out-of-the-box glass sculpture that is part of the environment. More than just a glass fixture or furniture, but a dazzling part of the architecture of the room or the entire dwelling. There is almost no area of interior design that can not be expressed in finely carved or sculpted glass and mirror.

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