But more than that, they are very talented artists of the highest integrity.

They display honor and character in all they do.

And I am proud to display their work here. 


My Testimony

Glass sculptor John A. Morrison

What matters most in life?

In these times of declining standards and global unrest, I have felt the

need to reexamine my priorities. I asked myself, “If I had only one year left 

to speak, share and love....what would I do?”

It was clear to me that the only answer is to tell as many as I can

about the great hope in life that I have found.

About 41 years ago I became a follower of Jesus. And in all those years,

my experiences on this Earth coupled with my exposure to God’s Word

have served to convince me beyond all other thoughts and philosophies

that there is one God who created all and is actively involved in caring for

and providing for His creation. 

I could take the time to teach my son about economics. I could teach 

others how to carve glass. I could share so much that I have learned

over the years.....but the only thing of lasting value that I can share is

the life and death of Jesus Christ, His resurrection and what that can

mean to every living soul who would consider accepting the free gift

of eternal life that He offers us all.

In 1 Timothy, Paul said, “I am the chief of sinners”. That was not false 

humility. That was the result of getting a peek at perfection and recognizing

that he misses the mark. I too am a contender for greatest sinner. I came

to realize that I was utterly incapable of saving myself. So far removed 

from any standard of perfection that I could never deserve God’s love.

But amazingly, He loves me.

As I compared myself side by side with other humans I thought, “Hey, I’m

not so bad....pretty good in fact”. But no matter how good I thought I was, 

I was a sinner, a liar, a thief......and worse. I realized that under the right set of 

circumstances that I am capable of every imaginable crime. We don’t like to 

think that about ourselves but it’s true. 

So why would I think that God would be interested in me? I used to think 

that in order to have a relationship with God that you had to get all cleaned up....

put on some white threads....steam clean my spirit....then go crawling on 

my knees in a church up to an alter and beg God to be my friend.

Little did I know that while I was living for my own pleasure, while I was

using God’s name as a curse word, while I was ignorant and uninterested

in God himself........He knew me....He loved me....and He died for me.

When I realized the nature of His personality and the depth of His love 

for me (and all of us) could my heart not be broken? 

You can imagine my surprise. I did not have to get cleaned up to be in a

relationship with my Creator. I simply agreed to hang out with Him and

as my understanding of Him, myself and my world began to change,

so did my heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sinner by nature. But I’m a sinner saved

by grace. A sinner who has God’s Holy Spirit to help during

trials and temptations. I am a man with access to the owner’s manual

for humankind. Jesus’ sinless life and righteousness are attributed 

to me as though they were my own. Not only do I receive the grace that I 

don’t deserve........but I do not face the judgement that I do deserve.

We often say that “nothing is free” and I believe that....with this one exception. 

Salvation is free. Amazingly so. If I were to pay even one penny for it, it would no 

longer be a gift. In fact, if I were in any way able to save myself....

...then Jesus died for nothing.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are all in the same boat. God does not

condemn people to hell. From the moment we are conceived we are

in a free fall headed to eternal separation from our Creator. God is in

the business of saving his creation. As many as will allow it. God is

so interested in saving us that he sacrificed His only Son. The only

sacrifice that could satisfy His sense of justice. A perfect sacrifice.

So please do not worry about what you have to give up to hang with 

God. Simply agree to get to know him. In the long run you will realize

that what you did give up after all was the burden of guilt, the pain of

foolish choices, sorrow, hopelessness and helplessness (and for some, loneliness). 

And those are traded for joy, peace and more.

Not one of you.........not one... has done something so wrong that God cannot

forgive you. Even if you can’t forgive yourself, He can. He will. 

If you sincerely ask Him to. 

In fact He’s waiting for you right now, where ever you happen to be. Please

don’t wait to speak to Him. You might just say, “God, if you're real, let me know.”

You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

I was 21 years old when God reached out and touched me..

..and in the years that followed He has proved Himself to me time and time again. 

My understanding of my Creator and His character have only deepened.

How could I not be grateful? 

It is a privilege and a joy to share my love of God and His Word with you.

God Bless You now where you are.